Hope Movement seeks to build connections with organisations currently working in the community, and we love to meet our supporters and make new friends on the road.

Aside from holding our own events, Hope Movement is available to make an appearance at a community event you may be planning.Our services are free of charge as we seek to connect young people to positive events in line with our Mission and Vision statements. Our aim is that by aligning with your organisation in sponsorship, the event will be well promoted, well run, and well attended. If you would like to enquire further please contact us.

+ Event Promotion

When Hope Movement sponsors an event, this event is entitled to free publicity. We will promote this event and event details from our Facebook page.

+ Photobooth

When you enlist Hope Movement as a sponsor of your event you can expect committed members of our team to set up and run our ‘Photobooth’ before or after the main event. The Photobooth is an open facility, where people can come and have their photograph taken. These images are then edited and posted on the Hope Movement Facebook page.

+ Themed Events

If your event is themed (for example a gathering focused on raising awareness of Depression) we include positive messages relating to this issue through props eg: chalkboard reading ‘hope’ ‘purpose’. This is a fun, yet positive way to support the message of your event and also provides advertising afterwards. This is a free service.

+ Photo Release Form

If you would like the Photobooth featured at your event we require a signed ‘photo release form’ to be returned to us no later than two weeks prior to the event. This is a legal requirement and enables us to post the photos on the Internet. This form must be signed by the event Director. Those attending under the age of 18 must have been informed about the taking of photographs prior to the event e.g. Included in the event advertising. If this form in not returned, we will not legally be able to run the photo booth.

+ Promotional Segment

It is a requirement that a promotional video/ speaker is given 3-5 minutes per event to inform of our sponsorship. This is a free service.

+ Guest Speaker

We can provide a guest speaker to speak on topics included and related to our mission and vision statements. This is a free service and is optional.

+ Merchandise

Hope Movement Merchandise is available for purchase and set up alongside our photo booth. We also provide x2 T-shirts per event/day as a promotional give away.