The Power of Perhaps

The Power of Perhaps

What is your favourite word in the entire English language? Is it ‘pizza’ or ‘donuts’? Maybe it’s something profound, like ‘love’ or ‘forgiveness’. It could be a word that only means something to you, because of some in-joke you have with your friends. Well, this blog is a blog devoted entirely to one of my favourite words.


Let me explain a little about this wonderful word.

We all have struggles, right? We have battles, we have fears, and we have different hurdles that pop up on our journey. Sometimes the struggle seems to come at us again and again and again. Every time we wake up, we’re overwhelmed with those thoughts, that feeling, or that craving. We fight it off with every thing we have, but then the next day it pops up again, ready for round 2, or 3 or 100, and we find ourselves worrying about what will happen if things continue like this.

In my own life, I’ve been scared of what could happen if I was put in a certain situation again. If I had another day of this, would I lose all the progress I thought I had made? Would I get even more stuck that I had been in the past? I woke up every day scared of my struggle, and worried about what might happen.

This is where Perhaps comes in.

There was a shift in my thinking and it took the form of a PERHAPS. I stopped thinking about what might happen, and started to think about what could perhaps happen for me.

I thought to myself, “Perhaps, if I keep at this, I’m going to get stronger. Perhaps if I resist and get support, it will get easier.”

My situation didn’t change right away— but my thinking had. I woke up the next day, and what I once saw as a chance for defeat, I began to see as an opportunity for me to grow.

The power of perhaps changed my thinking and it helped me to get free. It helped me move forward in my life, and now I experience a freedom I could once only hope for.

Perhaps was a key for me that unlocked a new perspective.

It’s a little bit like this ambiguous figure:

Ambiguous figures are those pictures that can be interpreted in two different ways. This image is quite a famous one, and it shows an old woman and a young lady.

On your first look, you see either one of the figures. Your brain chooses to view a certain portrayal and that’s the image you see. It’s not until somebody tells you there’s another way to see the picture that you start to look for other features. Then it ‘clicks’, and you see an entirely different picture than you did at first glance.

We can have a similar experience in our minds, with a small shift in our thoughts from the fearful consequences to the possible gains. Just like the ambiguous figure, we might have the tendency to think in certain ways, or focus on certain things, but there is room to change.

The positive outcomes are just as likely as the negative outcomes in our lives. Sometimes it’s easier to focus on the bad ones that to see the potential, but there is a whole other side to your situation that you might just be missing—a whole new image in the picture of your life.

I write this to tell you all that a new perspective could be a huge help to you.
I want to open your focus up from the pain in front of you, so you can set your focus on the positives and potential possibilities of where each step you take could lead you.

People grow and move forward in their lives everyday, and the first step to change is believing that you can change.

Perhaps you actually won’t be stuck like this forever.

Perhaps your efforts and the steps you’re taking now are building momentum.

Perhaps things will get easier.

Perhaps the work you’re doing is going to pay off.

Perhaps stepping out and getting help will reduce your burden and give you tools to change.

Perhaps is an amazing concept to grasp. It has helped me, and it could be the key to unlocking a small part of the huge potential that lies in you at this very moment.