A New Chapter

I love words. I love the way they can build us up. I love the way they inspire me and challenge me to be a better person everyday. I love words because they remind me I am a part of a story, a story that is ever changing. Sometimes those changes lead to chapters of despair and pain, but before I know it, the page is turned and I am in a new scene where there is great joy and peace. Life is made of words. Words spoken have begun revolutions of love and hope; they have been the building blocks of people being recognised as valuable individuals.

Words can have the opposite effect though. I can hear ten positive words from people about something I have done, yet the one negative word of criticism I hear can morph my day.

This New Year’s Eve I stood on a rooftop; 12 stories above crazed roads, full of people trying to get to their celebrations before the clock struck midnight. I saw a skyline of buildings and neon lights. Just above that, the starlight competed for my attention as it effortlessly sang a new morning into being. Below me, hundreds of thousands of people waited for the defining moment. The moment where they allowed themselves to turn the page and begin a new chapter in their book.

At midnight, my friends and I stood in silence. Almost at once, fireworks shot into the atmosphere all around us. And at the stroke of a new year, I heard a sound I will most probably never hear again. I heard countless souls of all different backgrounds, some in their penthouses and others sitting on their street corners, yell out a cry of joy. A cheer of hope. A response to the invitation that 2015 could be whatever they chose it to be.

I like to think that at midnight, we turn the page. We see a beautiful, blank slate in front of us and God invites us to write a word upon it. A word that can shape our year and transform our souls.  A word of hope, joy, purpose and promise.

What is your word for 2015? This year, my word is ‘Courage.’ So, in order to write the beginning of my own new chapter, I have some news for you.

You are invited to be a part of Hope Movement’s new chapter. Last year’s felt quite truthfully, slow moving. But, I am so happy that this year, we get to see your beautiful faces much more. This year, Hope Movement wants to be able to meet with you, and we would love to talk about the title of your new chapter. Stay tuned for some news on the program we are launching in 2015.

We love you all. Thanks for being actors in the ‘Hope Movement’ story. Let’s be courageous together.