Hope Lives


I wasn’t sure what I wanted to write about this year. Truthfully, a part of me didn’t really want to sit down and allow my mind to wonder. This year there were a lot of disappointments and tears. There was pain as people left, and there were nights where I looked at the stars and wondered if I believed there was light shining in the dark moments. But as I ponder these intricate happenings and how they affected me and the people I love, I’m also reminded of the beautiful moments too. The sunsets and the laughter, the adventures and friendships built, the goals I achieved, the fears I overcame.

2015 was a hard year, but it has been a year that has allowed us all to grow in strength and courage. People have united and supported one another. Friends have begun to believe their life counts.  I have met people who have had the courage to ask for help, and have run into people who have experienced the love of a God they did not know cared about them. 2015 has been a year of light and shade. Laughter and tears. Good and bad. Hope and despair.

Perhaps it’s ok that 2015 was both light and dark. As challenging as it is to confront the pain, or to identify the bright spots scattered through the days, it is important we do. Life is like that; we can’t have darkness without the light. We’re all a little broken, but we’re all on the journey of being made whole. We don’t always understand why something happens, but further along the way perhaps we will. Or perhaps even in our unknowing, the pain will somewhat lessen and we will see the light shining through the cracks we so detest in our own soul.

Forgive yourself.

Be kind to yourself.

High five yourself.

Do a victory lap.

You did something you’ve never done before- you made it through 2015, and you are becoming more and more of who you were created to be, everyday.

As we enter 2016, I can’t promise you much. But I do know that you face this year with the most knowledge, experience and wisdom then you’ve ever had before. You will have opportunities to be brave, and you will find that the dark nights do pass into bright mornings.

From one human being to another who has realised it’s ok to admit to the brokenness and pain, the longings unfulfilled and the silent fears; but who has also realised it’s just as important to acknowledge the moments of joy and celebration, the dreams fulfilled and relationships shared. 2015 has taught me that, at all times in all circumstances, with all people- Hope Lives.

Hope rolls down your face as you weep. Hope bubbles out of your mouth at that joke your friend just made that wasn’t really that funny. Hope sits with you as you watch that image on the television screen that makes your heart hurt. Hope is the music you play on your guitar and the smile you gave to the person everyone ignores. Hope is giving in those cookies you baked to your neighbor, and dropping your change in the charity bucket down at the supermarket.  Hope was present at the footy match and even in that moment of fear mixed bravery where you asked for help. Hope woke up with you this morning and it will fall asleep with you at the midnight hour. No matter what you’ve done, how you feel or where you are, Hope Lives.

In the dark and in the light. Hope Lives. And Hope Lives within you.

You are not alone. Tomorrow can be better. Hope is Here.

Here’s to 2016.

Love, Rachel