To My Friend With a Broken Heart

To My Friend With a Broken Heart

Dear Friend,

I am writing because I know your heart hurts right now. It is so simple to write those words, but I know the aching of your inner being is anything but simple. I just wanted to let you know that I see you. Sometimes it is easy to believe we are overlooked completely when the one we love leaves, whether it be by choice, or life deals a tragic blow. But that’s not the truth.

I see you.

I see you, and I see that your heart hurts in a way that you don’t know how to communicate right now. And that’s ok too. It’s risky to be vulnerable to another, to let people in to our heart spaces. And it hurts when they leave in some way, because that space is sacred.

I remember when you told me that you felt like your heart had found a home when they came into your life. My friend, it was not them who made your heart home, although they played an important role in your story. Your heart is a home of your beauty, of your dreams and passions. At your creation, your heart became a home, ready for others to enter and receive of the precious gifts only you give.

They may be gone, but home remains.
Your strong, brave heart remains.

Let yourself rest. It’s ok to weep. I read this week that the, “healing is in the aching,” and I thought of you. I know you ache deeply and that it seems your heart has fractured into many parts. Don’t ignore this, it’s important you acknowledge the pain, and that you process through the memories and emotions you are having and feeling. If we never pay attention to the broken pieces within us, we won’t be able to see the light when it starts shining through, fusing our hearts back together again, stronger and more beautiful then we ever dreamed.

Let yourself heal. Watch the waves crash on the shoreline, listen to that song that makes your heart beat a little faster, drink lots of cups of tea, eat ice cream from a cone and read your favourite book for the hundredth time over. There is beauty all around you and you are allowed to be a part of it, even if you may not feel that beauty right now.

You are so much more then what happened. Others don’t define us, though I think it’s easy for people to get that confused when others have dwelled in our sacred spaces for so long. You are more then these feelings and these fears. The past has not been a waste. Your life is a living story and your heart is a book of poetry, still being written.

Your heart will sing again and you will find those dreams buried within when you are ready. You will feel the sunshine once more, and see the flowers wave and butterflies dance. Your heart will beat to a song that others will be moved by. You will heal and you will love again.

But for now, rest. The healing begins in the aching. I see you. You haven’t been overlooked.


A Friend.