3 Years

3 Years

Since its beginnings, the vision for Hope Movement has always been to help create a culture where people feel they can share their stories of pain and triumph. To be a part of a movement of people letting other’s know it’s ok to not always be ok, and that it’s a sign of courage to ask for help.

In a country where 1 in 5 struggle with mental illness and a barrage of messages are thrown at us as to who we ‘should’ be, Hope Movement exists to say, ‘You are important. Your struggle is acknowledged. You are more than a label. You will overcome in this dark season.’

We have shared this message as we have toured around Victoria at festivals and churches, using our photobooth and starting a conversation with people about the places in their region which can support them in tough times. We have learnt a lot in 3 years, and have developed into an organisation primarily focused on linking people with services in their localities that can offer them support in the issues of mental health, self worth and community. Each is reliant upon the others for an individual to be able to live a life in recovery, as a victor, and as a hope giver and receiver.

In launching our website with this database, we proudly acknowledge we are one of a few organisations in Victoria that can act as an entry point to a wide variety of organisations, programs, churches and clubs to every region of the state. The Hope Movement team has worked extremely hard as volunteers to create something to fill this gap so our supporters have access to credible services at their finger tips.

Today we are so excited to share the news that Hope Movement has become a non-for-profit. Moving forward, this allows us to reach more people and share our message of hope with the world. We want to say thank you for all your support over the years; for wearing the t-shirts, for sharing our posts on social media, for taking the time to say hi to our team when we’re on the road, for donating to the cause, and for believing that a movement of hope can change a generation.

We are Hope Movement. We are the see-ers and the do-ers, the brave and the courageous, the broken being made whole, the shaking voice asking for help, and the friend who hands a card to a loved one and says, “Check out this website, because you matter.”

Thank you for joining us on this journey, we can’t wait to share this new chapter with you.

With Hope,