Hope that Crosses Borders—The launch of the International Hotline Database

Hope that Crosses Borders—The launch of the International Hotline Database

The world is divided by land and sea, race and religion. We can feel lonely and isolated in rooms with a hundred other people, and in the bedroom by ourselves.

Yet no matter who you are or where you are from, we are joined by one thing: hope. We are united in our yearning for a better tomorrow, and are bound by our strength and courage that compels us to step forward.

When Hope Movement started, it began small. The team reached out to our hometown of Geelong—a small metropolitan city, about an hour from Melbourne, Australia. Our mission was, and is, to reach the one.  To speak to the person who feels lost, unheard, unseen. We want to recognise your story, and give you the resources to begin a beautiful, new chapter in your life of healing, recovery and wholeness.

As we heard from people in our hometown, we have also met with people across the country, and around the globe, who love Hope Movement. Whether a friend from America has stumbled across a Facebook post, a person from France has Googled ‘Find Help’ and accessed our database, or a young person from Cambodia has clicked the ‘follow’ button on our Tumblr page, we have discovered that Hope Movement reaches further than our state or country borders.

It is a universal movement, which meets you where you’re at, no matter who you are, where you’ve come from, or where you live.

We believe that hope crosses borders, breaks down walls and builds peace, and we want to give our international friends the same access to hope and help we have in Australia. And today, we are excited to launch our International Hotline Database.

No matter where you are in the world, if you have internet access, you can now visit hopemovement.com.au and you will find at least one suicide or crisis hotline that will link you to immediate help. We’ve done our research and combed through websites, organisations, hotlines and news reports to find you the most credible help lines for every country in the world. Because, the fact is, whether you come from Australia, Asia, Europe, India or the America’s — you matter.

You can see our International Hotline Database here. Whether you use it for yourself, a friend, or a person you follow on social media, this is for you.

We believe in you, and we believe that hope is stronger than fear, borders, boundaries and indifference.

Together we are stronger, and it is our hope that this unites us and gives you the tools you’ve been asking for since day one. This is HopeLives16— a hope that changes cities, nations and the world one life at a time.