Introducing #HopeLives16

Welcome to #HopeLives16.

What does that phrase mean to you?

In the past four years, it has meant the sharing of stories on the road. It resonated when a friend passed a ‘Find Help’ card to someone they love, and it came to life when we received messages from people, telling us they were fighting for tomorrow.

Hope lives, and we believe that no one should miss out on the opportunity to get help and find this hope.

As Hope Movement has travelled across Victoria, we have heard stories from people about their daily struggle with mental illness or addiction. The common denominator through these conversations is that each person has chosen to be brave and ask for help.

We have learnt that, together, we are challenging the stigma and breaking down barriers that have kept people locked in prisons of abuse, trauma and shame.

In  2016, over 3,500 young people have heard Hope Movement’s message that, “You are not alone. Tomorrow can be better. Hope is here” at schools, events, festivals and tours. We have heard stories from people who found hope when this message was passed on through a friend, and they were given a resource card linking them to help they needed in crisis.

We love that Hope Movement has become a global movement. People across the world have invited us to be a part of their story as they access our website and tell us why they keep fighting each day, through our blog and on social media.

We are excited about the progress Hope Movement has made in the last four years, but we know there is still work to be done. Only 1 in 3 people who experience mental illness ask for help, and we want to radically change this.

We want to live in a world that acknowledges YOUR story. A world that doesn’t avoid words like ‘suicide’ or ‘mental illness’, but instead extends its hand, and links people to the long-term support they need, which can be found in their local community.

We are not content with the fact that many people don’t know where to go or what to do when they are fighting to stay alive. Hope Movement is a part of a culture that says, “I hear you, I see you, and you matter. I will walk with you on your journey and I will help you find the support you need”.

#HopeLives16 is the next step in us changing the game, and showing the world that we don’t need to live with stigma and fear.

This campaign is Hope Movement stepping into a new season with renewed determination to give you, and the people you love, the resources needed to find the hope and help you are worthy of.

Hope Movement invites you to be a part of our #HopeLives16 campaign as we take our message of hope and help into a new season.

We want to raise $12,000 in two weeks. That’s a lot of money, but we think we are up for the challenge. By donating, you are changing lives and enabling us to give people access to life changing resources. With your help, we will use these funds to take our message to our hometown, to Australia and to the world.

Locally, we will partner with Waterfront Christian Church and visit schools using the Shine and Strength curriculums. We have come to believe greatly in the power of these programs, and have seen first hand how they build up young people’s sense of worth and identity. Your money will get us started as we implement these programs, transforming individual lives and having a ripple effect as it changes families and our wider community.

You know about our Victoria state wide database, and we now want to give this same service to our South Australian friends. We are extending our database, enabling anyone in Victoria and South Australia to access the services, community groups and professionals in their region that will help them find the long-term support they need to find healing and enter recovery.

On a greater level, we also want to use #HopeLives16 to better reach our global supporters. We will be extending our database with the release of an international suicide hotline database mid way through our campaign, linking people to crisis hot lines for every country in the world.

#HopeLives16 Is bigger than us. It is about a movement of people joining together and believing for better tomorrows. It is for those we have lost, and those we fight to keep alive. It is for our selves and our stories, and for the stories of those yet to come.

You can join our #HopeLives16 campaign by donating at

Check out the great perks we have available and share the message on social media by hash tagging #HopeLives16.

Share your story with us in a 30 second video, and tell us what Hope Lives 16 means to you and why people should support our campaign. Tag #HopeLives16 and link to us on social media, and we’ll repost our favourites.

#HopeLives16 is here. And with your help, we will bring this message to more people than ever before.

With Hope,