You Have a Choice Today

You Have a Choice Today

Who else grew up playing or watching Pokémon? The first episode was called ‘I Choose You!’ and it started the series 17 years ago. In it, Ash selected his first Pokémon and he chose Pikachu. The series still airs today, and even though it now has many random new Pokémon, Ash still has his Pikachu, like always. He made this choice in the first episode, and from then on his life was never the same.

Unlike Ash, some of us have not had the liberty of choosing how we started out in this world. We haven’t had a choice in how our health would be, how we would get hurt, or abandoned or rejected- but that’s how our life seems to be panning out. There are so many aspects of life that are out of our control; things that might have shaped us for many years. No choice on our own part has been involved. But I want to tell you, you have a choice today. No matter what your situation, your circumstance, your health or your diagnosis- you have a choice. No matter who you are and what you’ve been through, in this very moment you are faced with a choice. That choice is, “What will I do next?”

You have thousands of options, hundreds of different ways to go through life. Many are easy options and will keep you going in the same direction, but a few are hard. Yet if we make these difficult decisions, time will change our life for the better. Right now, you are able to take yourself in a positive direction. This might mean seeing a counsellor or saying sorry to somebody, learning to forgive others or maybe even yourself. It could mean putting up boundaries in order to take care of your own health, or even doing something that makes you healthy and happy because it reminds you that life is worth living.

What you do next is completely up to you.

In therapy and counselling there is a concept called Self-Efficacy. This concept suggests that your thoughts determine your own capabilities. Those who think they can change (having high Self- Efficacy) are the people who change. Today I want to tell you this: you can change. You can change something for the better. Believe you can change, change your behaviour and you will. It might not be your whole situation; there are many things in life out of our hands. But it could mean choosing how you respond to someone or something differently. A positive choice is the first step of an amazing journey; a journey of discovery, happiness, progress and freedom. Ash chose well, and Pikachu proved to be a loyal friend throughout his life. 

You have a choice today.

What will you choose to do? Will you choose well?