Together We Can

Together We Can

Have you ever seen a lightning rod? A lightning rod is a device that protects buildings from lightning strikes. Normally it is placed on the highest point of a building, and it protects it by conducting the electrical current produced by the lightning. So if lightning were to strike a building that doesn’t have a lightening rod, the electrical current will go through all of the wires and completely fry all of the electronic equipment in the building. By installing a lightning rod, a building is saved from serious harm.

In the same way, it is so important for us to have our own human lightning rod. Have you ever reached that point where your inner storms start to build, and the small thunderclouds form a full blown electrical storm? In times like these when we bottle our emotions up, the lighting strikes, and we end up frying ourselves and the people around us. That’s where your lightning rod comes in.

Just like a building needs a lightning rod for protection, having people enter your story can help you through the storms of life. You deserve to be heard, and you need a safe place to share your story. By opening up and talking to someone you trust when you’re upset; someone who won’t take sides or bear a grudge or take offense- you can get through those lightning strikes. And instead of these moments shaking us to the core, we share the load with a friend- a friend who can help to conduct the electrical current of fear, anxiety, depression, loneliness and struggle; a friend who reminds us that we can stay strong in the storm. These friends can remind us that this is just a moment in our story, and that soon the clouds will pass.

I used to bottle up my emotions and thoughts. When lightning came, I would say, “It’s just a little bit of hurt, I’ll deal with it later,” but it slowly built up to the point I would have these electrical outbursts. In fact, you could predict that the outburst was coming because of the thunder clouds that appeared above my head. I had no way of conducting the electricity or sharing my struggle; I was alone and vulnerable. I have since found my lightning rod by sharing my story with the people around me. Because of this, I’ve found a happier and freer version of myself.

Whether it is your best friend, your partner, a trusted adult, or a professional, I encourage you to find your lightning rod. The storms of life will come and go, and we all need people around us who can say, “I hear you. You are significant. You’re going to get through this.” Open up and share your story. Together we can pass through the storms of life and become stronger; together we can weather any storm.