The Importance of Perspective

The Importance of Perspective

Perspective is the way we look at things; the angle we see our lives, our situations and our experiences from. Now perspective is probably one of the most influential factors in any of our struggles and hard times. When going through something difficult, we get all of our info via our perspective of that experience. Our emotions, our stress, our history and our bodies affect how we see our struggles. During those hard times, it’s like being at the foot of a mountain. From far away we look at a mountain and think, “I can climb that.” But up close to the mountain, knowing how tired we are and how pressed for time we feel; it seems horrible to climb.

It’s our perspective that sometimes makes us see things in an exaggerated way. I know when I’ve had rough times, everything seemed really difficult. But now that I look back and years later I see those times and can laugh about them. This is for of two reasons; I am now outside of the situation, and I am not emotionally affected by that situation. I am able to see how I came out of that time, how things returned back to normal and how good things are now. Yet when I was in that place, I had no way of seeing this hope at all. It was impossible; I was exhausted, stressed, lonely and stuck.

Perspective is how we look at things; it changes our whole mindset about our situations. So how can we possibly see our situations differently? Well, sometimes we can’t, but other people can! Other qualified, trusted, non- involved people have that different perspective; the one that sees outside of the emotion and stress of the situation. If we open up to the right people, they can give us insight into the things we can’t see. They show us how things might pan out for the good, how we can get through it, and what things look like from outside.

At Hope Movement we are committed to seeing people set free from their struggles. One tool for achieving this is gaining a new perspective. In the times we are unable to see hope, other people can help us too. So don’t be afraid to ask a friend or a professional for that new perspective; it may be just what you need to make it over this mountain. You are not alone in the climb. Tomorrow can be different. Hope is here; right where you are now!

Are you struggling and feel you might need another person’s perspective? Check out our  Help Page for some resources and services you might find useful.