Spotlight on Lecrae: My Search for Significance

Lecrae: My Search for Significance



Growing up in a broken home, Lecrae had never met his father. He found safety and security in the rap videos he would sneakily watch at his grandmother’s house and as he grew older he found his identity in the gangsta community around him. A cycle of abuse, drugs, fighting, arrests and alcohol ensued, leaving Lecrae empty and devoid of hope. As he shares in this video by I Am Second, “I [didn’t] fit anywhere. I’m just this misfit of a person. 

Prompted by his mother and his Christian grandmother to read the Bible, the rapper struggled to find the truth. It was only when he was invited to a conference by a friend that he saw he might belong somewhere.

“I see people who came from the same background I came from and they still embodied who they were culturally but they were totally in love with Jesus and I’d never seen that before.”

In this video, Lecrae talks about his battle for significance and how amidst a life devoid of hope, he learnt that he was brought at a price. Unscathed in a serious car accident, his life came to a turning point and the rapper decided to follow Jesus. “God has showed me that ultimately he is my father.” Now, he tells his story and shares his hope through music. 

In this incredible story of redemption and healing, we are reminded that a single person is never too far gone. The actions of your family and the people around you do not define your worth. As Lecrae says, “You were brought at a price.” Press in to this hope and know that you have been created with a unique purpose. You are more than your past and you are more than your scars. You are significant.