In It To End It

In It To End It

Earlier this week my newsfeed was flooded with big red X’s. Family, friends, celebrities and random strangers from across the globe had taken over social media to raise awareness for End It Movement, a campaign to raise awareness of and ultimately stop modern day slavery. But what is it, and how helpful can it really be to Instagram a simple X on your hand?

Slavery still exists today. While many of us associate slavery with ancient history, the fact is that 27 million men, women and children from around the world are still in slavery today. And that’s not just in a place far away from you, it’s in your country and city. In fact, statistics say that there are 200,000 people currently in slavery in the US, and 50% of all slaves are children. It appears in many forms; a brothel, a mine, a guarded community, street corners, factories, a normal suburban house. Sometimes it is hidden discreetly, and other times we walk past it, believing there is nothing we can do to change the circumstances.

On the 27th of February people around the world drew red X’s on their hand to show they were united against slavery of any form. They did it for their brothers and sisters, the faceless children we now know the names of, the women held captive and the men sold as objects. This movement showed that each of us are but one, but together we have the capacity to change history and stop modern day slavery within our generation.

The world is opening its ears to the sound of the oppressed, and now is the time for us to stand up and help out our neighbors and friends. A human being cannot be owned or sold, a child should not be prostituted and human trafficking needs to end.

You have the capacity to change the world. Your voice counts, and you can join the movement to end modern day slavery right now. Draw a red X on your hand and Instagram with #inittoendit and #enditmovement; research slavery by visiting End It Movement or the A21 campaign; post about it on your newsfeed and inform your friends about the reality of modern day slavery; hold a fundraiser or talk to your local council about what they are doing to end it.

Spread hope to those who have none and get involved. Nothing is too little when we all combine our efforts. For more information and ways to get involved check out End It Movement and shine a light on modern day slavery.