25 Floors Up Brings a New Perspective

25 Floors Up Brings a New Perspective

Today as I write, I sit here on a balcony as rain is beginning to fall and thunder and lightning rolls on over the sea. I am amazed at the view I can see from 25 floors up. Every few seconds I hear a crack and a flash of light across the night sky.

As I sit here I wanted to share a story I heard last week…

My friend is working in Lebanon and he had a trip planned with his friend to see the sights of Jordan, a nearby country. Having planned this trip, he was excited and was not surprised to hear from his friend the night before, surely calling to organise some detail they may have neglected. As he picked up the phone, his friend told him of a family emergency and said that instead of trekking through Jordan he had to fly out. My friend understood, but was disappointed about the effect it had on their plans. On a whim my friend still decided to take a bus, and ‘wing it’. On to Jordan he went. Here he had the most amazing time, meeting new people, seeing amazing sights, exploring a new place.

On one evening in the desert of Jordan, the sunset was coming up. My friend found himself in a valley and realised he would miss half of the sunset. So you know what he did? He dropped his bag where he was, and ran. He ran over a plain and up to a peak where he saw one of the most amazing views he had ever seen.

If you’ve read long enough to get to this point, you’re probably wondering why on earth I am telling someone else’s travel stories.

I tell this story to highlight the value of re-positioning ourselves. At this moment, I have positioned myself on floor 25, at an open window, so I can experience an amazing lightning storm and I am so very glad I have done so. And as I get all sentimental and look back at other beautiful moments of my life, I come to this conclusion: For each amazing experience I have had, there was another place I could have been, another mindset I could have had, another issue I could have been thinking about- but I didn’t. There are times of joy in my life I could have missed. I could have stayed in valleys, away from the amazing things life had for me. I see this in my friend’s story as he dropped his bag and ran to reach this new place of joy.

You don’t have to stay in the valley, you don’t have to carry your bag around and you don’t have to miss out on what life has for you because of your current situation. I encourage you; when you see something you want, drop what is holding you back, put on your running shoes and put yourself in a place to experience it. Whether this means seeing a counsellor, eating healthier, journaling instead of venting on Facebook, or running across a dessert; do what you can to move yourself to a place where you can experience what life has to offer you.

Every moment can be a beautiful if you allow it to be. Your life can be a wild, fun, challenging, amazing journey; full of hard times, great times and everything in between. Let’s put ourselves in a place to enjoy every moment we can. Next time I find myself too stressed to enjoy my wife’s company or too busy to enjoy my studies, I will be presented with a choice; to stay in the valley and push through, or to put myself in a place to love that moment.

It’s not easy at all, but ‘my-oh-my’ the rewards that are ahead of you will be worth the run.