Hope Movement believes that Mental Health, Self worth and Community are essential for Hope to be sparked and kept alight in people's lives.

With rates of mental illness, self harm and addiction at an all time high, Hope Movement seeks to encourage you on your journey to recovery, inform you about these issues, and connect you to local and national services that can provide you with the tools and support to enter into a lifestyle of freedom, purpose and Hope.

Hope Movement travels around Victoria speaking about Mental Health to people just like you. You might see us at a festival, in your church or at your school. We desire to be a bridge to the incredible services in your area that can help you when life gets tough. Want to know what they are? Check out our Database.


You matter. You are loved. Your story is important.


 You are a part of the movement of Hope sweeping across Australia, letting people know that it is ok to not be ok and it is ok to ask for help . Together, we are choosing Hope, choosing to get the help we deserve and choosing to be a part of healthy communities that support us in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual recovery. 

Hope is Here. 

        What We've Achieved so far...

Hope Movement has been all over Victoria!

Forest Edge, Christian Youth Camps, Youth Alive, HOPE tour, Flourish Programs, History Makers Conference and many churches and schools

3,360 people at HM events

3,823 resource cards distributed

2,092 Kilometres travelled

701 Pics snapped in the Photo Booth